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Relive the Golden Era of Yachting History


The early 20th century saw the creation of a special kind of distinguished beauty among yachts in the yachting community.  It was a time when many of the top one percent of the wealthy class owned and raced yachts.  They lived for devoting leisure time to these yachts, enjoying the classic cuts and elegant lines gracing the most beautiful vessels that have ever sailed the oceans.  DIAMOND HEAD (formerly L'APACHE) is exactly this caliber yacht with a rich history as stiff competitor in such prestigious races as the Transpacific Race from California to Hawaii, the Swiftsure Race, known as one of the most difficult races created, and many others.   

DIAMOND HEAD has a history of influential owners from the upper echelon of West Coast society.   Today she remains a yacht that inspires awe, as few people can behold her classic beauty without being drawn to her with questions and a desire to learn more and be a part of her ongoing history.  She has maintained this powerful magnetism since her inception and has been a newsworthy boat throughout her life, her doings and her owners' accomplishments repeatedly landing in the news from coast to coast.


It is a rare opportunity indeed to own or sail such a distinguished yacht as the DIAMOND HEAD.  The majority of passersby pause in awed admiration of her exquisite lines, taking their photos and moving on while only a handful of those will take the courageous step to become a part of her ongoing story.  She is being offered for sale to those few individuals who may find deep within them the desire to become custodian of a cherished piece of yachting lore. 

DIAMOND HEAD is available for sale and for hire in the enchanting Caribbean Islands.

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DIAMOND HEAD's Seductive Presence

Only those with a feel for true beauty, nostalgia, and an appreciation for glories of the past will be enamored enough to personally act in DIAMOND HEADS's future.  It takes a special kind of person to be sufficiently fascinated to participate in the ongoing development of the story of a historical work of art like a classic yacht.  DIAMOND HEAD's grace and gravitas have repeatedly attracted top-notch photographers, Hollywood producers, yachtsmen, and other influential individuals, some of whom have been fortunate enough to become her passionate owners.  She inspires a love and bond that transcends the usual connection between owner and yacht.

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