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Here resides a collection of articles and advertisements inspired by or written about DIAMOND HEAD (L'APACHE), sailing vessel.  It is a unique and fun way to capture her essence through the eyes of those who have been fortunate enough to behold her in action throughout the years. 

Life - August 6, 1951.jfif

LIFE MAGAZINE article entitled - "Don't Give Up you Weakling" Survivor Describes His Harrowing Ordeal by Sharks after 30 Hours in Ocean With Only a Life Preserver

"...L'Apache, was boiling along at a good 10 knots. We had the wind with us. Our huge mainsail and big ballooning spinnaker up forward were straining under the force of it.  With our boom out over the sea like that, we watched anxiously as the waves reached up nearer and nearer..." 

LIFE - August 6, 1951 

Motor Boating Feb 1954.jfif

MOTOR BOATING article entitled - "Manu Kai Beats Them All" 

"We watched closely what we considered to be our most dangerous rival, L'Apache.  A beautiful 72-foot cutter from Seattle with a solid reputation as one of the fastest windward boats sailing on the Pacific Coast today.  She knifed smoothly through the water, hints of speed and power in every curve of her long fine lines..."

MOTOR BOATING -  February, 1954

pacific motor boating cover, aug 1938, n

PACIFIC MOTOR BOAT article - title unknown Read Article HERE

"Probably the outstanding boat of the year was L'Apache, designed by George Craig who has had wide experience both in the Great Lakes and in connection with the Craig Shipbuilding Company of Long Beach, California, in the design and construction of fine ships.  The plans were so carefully worked out that practically no changes were necessary during construction, and when the boat was launched and her masts stepped, she trimmed perfectly, with just enough freeboard to take up the water soakage that is inevitable"



Swifture book cover first 50 years.png

Book entitled - "SWIFTSURE: THE FIRST 50 YEARS"  

"The Seattle yacht L'Apache made one of the Swiftsure's most significant debuts.  In one fell swoop, she started what would become a noteworthy Northwest racing career, and claimed the distinction of being the first radio communications ship.  Not only in Swiftsure history, but also in Yacht racing anywhere..."


Motor Boating Aug 1966.jfif

MOTOR BOATING article entitled - "Classic Finish for the Classic"  The Exciting Conclusion to a Hard Fought Race in the Swiftsure

"But Diamond Head, under her second spinnaker since the first had already blown out, overtook Mary Bower.  Then out went the second spinnaker and Mary Bower was in strong position again.  On Diamond Head, up went the big jenny and a tri-sail.  Mary Bower, Spinnaker secured earlier against punishing winds broke out the big sail again when it became apparent Diamond Head was overtaking her."

MOTOR BOATING - August 1966

1967 ottowa journal cover.jpg

OTTAWA JOURNAL article entitled - "Tough and Troublesome Yacht Race"

"It’s the toughest mile-for-mile sailing race in North America, so the competitors say:…It’s a race in which howling gales can rip sails to shreds, break masts, pull bowsprits out, and whirl expensive spinnakers into orbit. Heavy swells are normal in Juan de Fuca and boisterous tides with a 7-knot force can make yachts drop anchor just to hold position..."



Time cover.jpg

TIME Magazine article entitled - "Man Overboard"

"The racing sloop L'Apache, a 73-footer, was running in second place in one of the world's longest yacht races—from Los Angeles harbor to Honolulu. At dawn one day last week, L'Apache's boom tackle broke. It had to be repaired under way, with 8-ft. seas running. Precious time was wasting. Crewman Ted Sierks, 40, an ex-Marine and photographer, was braced against the rail, trying to get the fractious boom under control.  The rail broke and Sierks slid into the sea..."


TIME - July 23, 1951

The Wooden Boatshow.jpg

THE WOODENBOAT SHOW article -  An Expose About L'Apache (Diamond Head)


"...Designed for Craig's own use, this boat had a long racing career on the coast, first as L' APACHE and later as DIAMOND HEAD.  She participated in four Transpacs, at least 12 Swiftsures, and many other Pacific Northwest events into the 1970's and she still sails today..."



pacific motor boating cover, aug 1938, n

PACIFIC MOTOR BOAT article entitled - "Craig's L'Apache" Read Article HERE

"Commodore Craig's experience as a designer-builder of 207 previous vessels has gone into this outstanding addition to Southern California's yachting fleet, resulting in the construction of what appears to be an ideal combination cruising and racing yacht.  The finest of materials plus the owner's desire for ample accommodations and the handy placing of working gear have been combined to produce a vessel that is sturdy, fast and can be sailed..."



fresh water news placeholder.jpg

FRESHWATER NEWS article entitled - "A Tale of Northwest Boats and Storms"






FRESHWATER NEWS  - July/August 2017

Motor Boating 1952 July.jpg

MOTOR BOATING article entitled - "Westward Ho!"  

"For the first time in the 45-year history of the race (Transpacific) a yacht "manned" by an all-feminine crew seems sure to be a contender and a serious one, at that.  The yacht is the 72-foot sloop L'Apache registered to Phillis B. Brunson of the West Coast famous film capital....Peggy Slater who has sailed rings around some of the best male skippers in the west's prolific one-design classes, will be skipper."



Motor Boating 1965.jpg
yachting 1968.jpg
4.Art to Sea (Montlake Cut).w.jpg
motor boating 1951 aug.jpg


The classic beauty of DIAMOND HEAD has long been an inspiration for those fortunate enough to behold her first hand.  Those in advertising have often used this charm to create enticing ads for their businesses.  Below are a few examples of these ads from past times...

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